Here you can read of Peris’ first day on Libidos and get a taste of this extraordinary island.


Somewhere in the Ionian Sea there is an island called Libidos. No one has ever found it on Google Maps or in an atlas. It is not mapped. Its inhabitants have managed to remain undiscovered until today.

Do you think that’s impossible? What makes you so sure? Do you think it’s impossible that there are people on this planet we know nothing about? And what if they had abilities and technology far superior to ours? You’re saying it’s not possible without our knowing about it?

Don’t you also know the vague feeling that hidden talents and powers slumber within you? What if I assured you that your feelings were correct? Thousands of years ago, we used these abilities without thinking about it. They were as natural to us as sleep. Today, on the other hand, we don’t even know that they exist and that they’re available at any time.

The inhabitants of Libidos have apparently not forgotten those abilities. They collectively decided long ago that their little island should remain invisible. With their powers they created a holographic image of the sea and placed it around and over the island at a suitable distance. This made them invisible to passing ships and planes as well as satellites. Creating a holographic image of the sea was one of the easiest exercises for the Libids, as they were surrounded by the sea as far as you could see.

You don’t believe me? I suppose you’re wondering why I know this island and can make such a claim? How could I have discovered it if it is invisible to outsiders? It’s simple. I was invited by the Queen herself.

I’m aware that you don’t want to believe me either. Admittedly, what I have to tell you, I never thought it was possible myself. I assure you that I am writing the truth, and nothing but the truth. If I had the choice of reliving it or not, I would not hesitate for a second. I would let myself be hit by a tsunami once again, which would sweep away every orientation in my life and put my mind to the ultimate test. It all started quite harmlessly, like in the car of a roller coaster, which climbs up slowly at first while you enjoy the view, only to plunge down breathtakingly fast, take the next curve in a flash and immediately afterwards create the next surprise. But before we climb into the car, I would like to introduce myself briefly.

My name is Periandros Tataros. Just call me Peris. Everyone does. I live in Athens. I’m thirty-seven, but it doesn’t show. Everyone thinks I’m in my early thirties. That’s mainly because I exercise a lot and eat a healthy diet. My friends think I look very good, which I certainly owe to my parents, God rest their souls. Athens was my world. I had grown up here.

My parents owned a company, Terrasana, which specialized in agricultural information technologies. That needn’t concern you right now. I’d get completely lost here if I wrote any more about it. It was important to them at that time that I became an academic and I did them the favour. However, I did not study biology or physics, as my father expected me to. For him it was a matter of course that I would be the only child to continue the family business.

As a teenager, I therefore had countless, heated discussions with my father until he finally respected that running our company was not part of my future plans. Gritting his teeth, he promised me to find another successor in time.

Freed from family constraints, I studied history and philosophy. Especially philosophy was my true passion. I wanted to know everything about the ancient Greeks, the inventors of democracy. I was fascinated by the great men of antiquity like Pythagoras, Thales of Miletus, Heraclitus and countless others. Did you know that the contemporaries Pythagoras and Heraclitus were enemies? Heraclitus had called Pythagoras an “impostor”. They did not even know each other, because Pythagoras had moved to Italy and Heraclitus lived in what was then Asia Minor.

The studies were easy for me and I finished my time at the university as one of the youngest doctors of philosophy. What a feeling! Sweet life lay before me.

But things turned out differently. Only half a year after my graduation my parents had left a coastal road by car and crashed into the sea. Fortunately, there was a witness who drove his car behind them and called the police with a quick mind. Without him, I would still be puzzling today what happened to my parents, because they had never found them or the car, even though divers had been searching the seabed at that spot for several days. The police suspected that the undertow had pulled the car into the open sea. It was a tragedy I hate to remember. As the shock of the sudden death slowly subsided, it became increasingly clear to me that my life would change abruptly because everyone expected me to take care of our family business. My father had not yet found a successor. After all, he was only in his mid-fifties and far from retirement.

I felt doubly beaten by fate. There was not only the painful loss of my parents but also the concern for Terrasana. Almost seventy affected workers and employees confidently expected me to replace my father. But I was reluctant. As heir, I felt responsible for their fate, but should I give up all my plans for the future because of that?

Was it really more important to meet the expectations of others than to remain true to myself and my passion for philosophy?

What would you have done?

Only a one-week retreat into the solitude of the mountains had brought me clarity. A fellow student, Antonia, had taught me how to meditate two years earlier. So I knew how to turn off the constant babbling in my head and thanks to Sofia, my very first girlfriend, I was already used to pay attention to my inner voice. I had also learned to ask a question at the beginning of a meditation and to look for answers in silence. To my astonishment, the answer was often already with me before I could go into silence. But even when I thought I already knew the answer, I continued to meditate unperturbed, often for up to two hours at a time, two or three times a day. I wanted absolute clarity and I got it. I took up my inheritance.

The role of company boss was more challenging for me than my double degree at university, especially since I had never been interested in business matters. I was forced to acquire as much knowledge as possible in as short a time as possible. In particular, long and intensive discussions with the experts of my loyal staff helped me in this. They were only too happy to help me overcome my shortcomings and get myself in shape for business.

Less helpful was the behavior of my friend Andrea. We had already lived together for two years and we got along well. She was one of those women who looked gorgeous and loved parties, but with whom you couldn’t have deep conversations. I always knew that our relationship had no future, but I didn’t want to give up her carefree lust for life for the time being. Because I could hardly think of anything else but Terrasana, she became more and more dissatisfied every day and at some point she demanded that I not say a word about my work in her presence. “Or else what?”, I asked her defiantly. “No sex!”, she threw at me resolutely, as soon as I had uttered my two words.

I remember this moment fondly, because we were both staring at each other adrenaline drunk and I demonstratively ripped her blouse off. I wanted to show her who makes the rules here. She liked that, because she smiled at me and breathed: “From tomorrow on.” So a minute later she was lying on the sofa stark naked and moaning devotedly. Yes, she was like that. But in the end I just couldn’t switch off. We argued daily. Every argument cost me energy and distracted me too much from my task. In the end, I saw only one way out: the separation from Andrea. That sounds so easy now. In reality, the separation was tragic and painful for both of us.

Ten years after the company takeover, I had resigned myself to my fate. What’s more, I enjoyed it. My former rejection turned into a fascination for the dynamics of economic relationships. Terrasana had become more than a company to me.

Rather, I felt it like a plant that grew of its own accord following the cosmic laws. I saw my task in making sure that the best conditions were available for its growth.


Here is an update on my private life before it continues.

Two years ago, in the eighth year after I started my business life, Alexandra burst into my life. She was a client in Thessaloniki and wanted a personal consultation. Right when we met, there was a spark between us. She was not a real beauty, had a fat body and was eight years older than me. I don’t know what we had in common. As far as I’m concerned, I can say that it wasn’t her blonde hair, although I like blondes. Maybe it was also karmic compulsion that brought us together. Maybe it was a common task that we were only to realize later? Professionally she was a therapist. She already had a name in the alternative scene.

Anyway, she quickly grew on me. Her fresh, fun-loving nature was, like Andrea, inspiring and entertaining. I felt a bit more alive in her presence and I think she felt the same.

I’ll make it short:

Today she lives in my guesthouse, because six months ago she wanted to move to Athens to start new projects together with me. But it never came to that, because Alexandra is like

Butterfly flew from one idea to another. After a short time she regularly lost interest or she had an insight that led to new plans. In her presence it never became boring. We got along very well, even though she vehemently rejected every attempt I made to steer our relationship into a more intimate, romantic relationship. I suspect a violent trauma is responsible for this.


I felt most comfortable at information events. Whether in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras or Corinth, when it came to environmental protection, our company was present with an information stand. Whenever I had the time, I strengthened our team on site by participating. On one of these occasions, an environmental congress in Delphi, I had the fateful encounter with the woman who was later introduced to me as the Queen of Libidos.

If you had assumed that the inhabitants of the island live completely isolated and never leave the island, you were wrong. On the contrary: Libids are curious and open to new things. That is why they keep sending envoys around the world to explore what is new and what has changed. They are informed about all major events and so it can happen that the queen herself leaves the island to get her own impression of an event that interests her.

So her journey led her to Delphi in 2018, because she heard about a congress with the promising name “Protect the environment and the environment protects you”, and this is where I made her acquaintance.

Now don’t you think she strutted around in royal clothes and a crown. That’s what queens do nowadays mostly in fairy tales. She was rather inconspicuous in her appearance. I hardly noticed her when she came to our information desk in her navy blue dress with a little white collar. I estimated her to be in her fifties. Her dark blond hair had a discreet, reddish sheen. She wore it tied in a knot at the back, which made it appear rather severe.

She wanted to know exactly what products we offer, what they are good for and how they work. I told her about ideal soil conditions, quantum physical relationships and laws of resonance. I was a little surprised that she seemed to understand everything I was talking about. She asked me questions as if she was a professional. With every minute I felt more and more connected with her. Nor was I surprised that no other person came to our stand while we were talking.

At the end of our meeting, she looked at me with loving scrutiny and asked me if I was willing to visit her and her family. “Gladly”, I said, without having the slightest idea what I was getting into. I inquired about her name and address, but she ignored my question and just said that she would contact me. She said goodbye with grateful words and left our stand towards the exit.


Recently, I started spending as much time as possible in Kardamyli, a small coastal town in the Peloponnese. I never had any personal connection to this area. However, when I was invited to the birthday party of a friend who lives there, my soul contacted me when I arrived at midnight in this small, romantic coastal town. I drove along the narrow main street, past romantically lit shops on both sides. Most of them were still open despite the late hour. In front of small street cafés, a few guests were sitting. A pleasant smell from the nearby sea and the trees of the main street blew into the car. Surprised I perceived an inner voice that said unmistakably: “Here I want to stay.”

I had listened to my inner voice and a little later bought a holiday home in Rigklia, a small neighbouring village of Kardamyli, where I now spend more time than in Athens.

Here I am mostly alone, which seems like a gift after every stay in Athens. Alexandra was there only once at the beginning. Her comment: “Even the dormouse is not challenged here!”


On a warm Sunday morning in June I sat in the garden of the Bistro Aquarella and looked dreamily at the sea and the small island off the coast. Here, in Aquarella, I feel most comfortable. The calming swell and the inspiring blue of the Mediterranean Sea, combined with the shady garden of the bistro and its peaceful silence, immediately put me in a state of inner peace and deep gratitude. So I was once again immersed in this paradisiacal state when a young woman approached me and said to me: “Excuse me, you are Periandros Tataros, right?

I looked at her with a distraught look. She was pretty, dark blonde with blue eyes and a confident manner. “Yes,” I said. “How do you know that? Hardly anyone here knows me, let alone my last name.”

“I saw a picture of you on your website”, she grinned at me and continued, “Mr Tataros, my aunt met you at your exhibition stand in Delphi last year and asked you to visit her.”

It didn’t take me long before I understood which woman she was talking about and replied, “Yes, I remember her. She was quite mysterious, would not tell me her name. Does she live around here? That would be a nice coincidence, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes,” she replied, “you could say she lives nearby. When would you be willing to visit her? Would it be today or do they have plans?”

I was thinking. It was Sunday, and I had no plans whatsoever. Why not? I agreed and she asked me to follow her.

“I just have to pay.” I quickly ran to the waitress, paid for my coffee and was already at the exit when I heard: “Hello, sir! You left your mobile phone behind” I felt my trousers. Really! No mobile phone. I ran back and thanked the friendly gentleman at the next table.

“You can leave your phone in the car. You will not need it”, my kidnapper advised. “What if I do?”, I asked pompously.

“There’s no reception here. They would only be frustrated!” was her answer. “But for photos!”, I interjected. “No pictures,” she grinned.

“All right!” I agreed and asked, “Aren’t we going by car? Where is your car? We can go in mine.”

“We’re taking the boat.” She pointed to the small harbor, which was only 50 meters from the watercolor. There was a simple boat. It had the size of the small fishing boats common here, but it looked more modern. As soon as we got in, the engine started and we chugged into the open sea. After a short time the engine stopped and I looked at my companion in bewilderment. She reassured me: “Don’t worry! We will continue our journey.”

I bent over the railing and looked into the water. Indeed! We glided silently through the waves. To be on the safe side, I looked up. No sails.

“I guess you call that free energy,” she said with a smile. “My name is Carinda, by the way, and I’m very happy you came along. I may call you Peris, right? We’re all on a first-name basis here on the island.”

“Yeah, right!” I said. “Everyone calls me Peris. We’re going to an island?”

“Yes, we’re almost there.”

Full of anticipation, I scanned the sea in all directions up to the horizon. I wondered where there should be an island around here. My gaze wandered to Carinda and stuck with her. She might have been in her mid-thirties and looked outrageously attractive. Her summery, knee-less dress blew merrily in the wind, as did her long blonde hair. Her face was of extraordinary grace. It not only conveyed outer beauty but also revealed her inner depth to me. My eyes scanned her body. Any fashion designer would be willing to spend a fortune on her as a model. Her long legs, slender ankles and calves promised a visual delight for the man who would have the privilege of seeing this woman undressed.

No sooner had I had this thought in my head than she turned to me and looked at me with a provocative look. I blushed because I felt she had somehow caught me.

She pointed forward and said, “Look!”

The sea opened up before me. Yes, I must describe it that way, because that’s what it looked like. As if by magic, all the waves were suddenly wiped away, vanished into thin air, and an island became visible in front of me.

Carinda noticed my confusion and explained: “Our protective hologram has just dissolved for us. The island is invisible to the outside world and nobody knows about it. You are the first stranger to see it. Welcome to Libidos!”

“What now?” I could not think of a more intelligent question. My mind was a blank. “I don’t understand,” I just said. How could it be that large parts of the sea disappeared before my eyes and in its place a huge island became visible?

Protective hologram or not, it’s impossible! “My aunt will explain everything to you in detail,” said Carinda.

In the meantime we had moored in the harbour and with a gesture she instructed me to leave the boat. We took the main path that led from the harbour past small houses uphill. Carinda walked beside me. Every time I turned around in fascination to take another look at this idyll, she waited with a smile. She seemed to enjoy my admiration of this small harbour town. All the houses that lined the harbour seemed to be made of terracotta and had pyramid-shaped roofs that glittered in the sunlight. All other houses were terracotta pyramids with similarly glittering caps. Between the houses, I could see lush gardens that glowed with colour.

“That’s beautiful, Carinda,” I enthused. She smiled and said, “I’m glad you like it here. Shall we go on to the palace?”

“To the palace?”, I hesitated, then I looked up, “What palace?”

This is getting more and more unreal. I stared at her in complete confusion. At the same time, a strange joy rose up that I had never experienced before. Do you remember the feeling of anticipation you had as a child before the presents were given? It felt similar to that for me, only much more intense and with lots of butterflies in my stomach.

I heard Carinda say, “Yes, my aunt is the queen of Libidos. Her real name is Marvella, but we all affectionately call her Mara.”

I felt completely overwhelmed. This island, which nobody knows, with one of the most picturesque little harbours I had ever seen and with glittering pyramids around me, had already exceeded all my expectations. To hear that the woman I met in Delphi was the queen of this island did not make it any better for my otherwise clear common sense. In addition, I remembered Carinda’s remark that no one from outside should ever have visited the island before. I did what I always do in moments that unsettle me. I clung to my mantra: Don’t act, just feel!

I had no attention for all the beauty on the way to the palace. I was too busy with my feelings. My body automatically ran alongside Carinda, uphill all the time. Only, after a bend, did I lose my inner focus, because in front of us was a large but simple building. Despite all its inconspicuousness, it was impressively elegant with a strange aesthetic.

“The palace!” exclaimed Carinda. Her voice revealed that the ascent took her breath away as it did mine.

I looked around interested. Nowhere I could see any guards or servants. When we came to the entrance area, a part of the wall dissolved into nothing and gave way to the interior. Another hologram, I thought, when another wall opened and we entered a room that did not consist of four walls but was completely round. I estimated its diameter at about twenty metres. I peered up into a dome of pleasantly warm light. In the center of the room was a comfortable seating area where the person I vaguely recognized as the woman I had met a year earlier at the congress was sitting.

“Mara”, said Carinda, “here is Periandros Tataros. I thought it was great that he came along spontaneously. Thank you for putting me in charge of it,” she bowed and left the room without me having a chance to say goodbye to her.

“Welcome, Peris! I may call you that, may I not? Carinda has surely already explained to you that we are all on first name terms here? My name is Mara!”

“Yes, of course, Mara. I feel honored,” I replied slightly insecure and added, “Above all, I am totally surprised to have landed in a palace. I would never have suspected that when we talked at Delphi. Not to mention the island that nobody knows and has ever visited. Why me?”

I really had no explanation for my being here. Why would I be here? Why does a queen receive me and what does she want from me? Is she even a queen? With her simple white dress that reached down to the floor and her bun she did not exactly make a royal impression on me.

“You’re wondering why you’re here and what I want from you, Peris. Or do you wish me to call you Moro Mou?”

My blood was up in my mouth. How did she know? Moro Mou, a Greek term of endearment for ‘my baby’, had only been called by my mother.

“Do not be surprised. We on Libidos have skills that are actually available to you out there. But the difference is that you don’t know about their existence anymore and it takes a little practice to master them. For example, we can read minds and communicate with each other without words by opening ourselves to our counterpart in the spiritual field. We can easily retrieve any desired information from the spiritual field and just as easily send information. You are very familiar with such things.

This was not new to me in principle, because this knowledge was part of everyday life in our company. It corresponded to my view of the world and my understanding of extended reality. So I replied, “That’s kind of obvious to me. I just didn’t know that there was a people who used these skills as a matter of course. But that does not answer my question. Why did you invite me? Should I provide terrasana for the palace and all the houses on Libidos?”

“No, Peris. My interest was not in Terrasana and your products when I was at Delphi, but in you,” she replied.

“Me, why me?” Now I was curious.

“First let me explain where you are here,” Mara began, “We call ourselves Archikans because we have kept our originality. We only still exist because we have been hiding from the rest of the world for many thousands of years. Had we not done so, we would have been so influenced by your society, whether Western or Eastern, that we too would have lost our state of being.

I looked it up: “What is your state of being? Can you lose your state of being? What do you mean?”

Mara replied: “No one loses his state of being. Every living being, whether plant, animal or human, has a self-perception that determines its state of being. It depends on what quality this self-perception has. With us humans, the quality increases through individual consciousness and free will. This makes us special creatures on this planet. But it is exactly the free will that can distract us more and more from the state of being of the perfect being as we were created. And this is exactly what has been happening in your world for many thousands of years.”

Your words could have been mine, because I had long been convinced that we were being kept stupid as a collective.

“That makes sense to me,” I agreed, “that’s been my talk for some time. I always say that we were all brought up with misconceptions and alleged truths. They have been handed down from generation to generation and when we are born we learn the current social .conventions in the form of rules of conduct in moral, ethical and aesthetic terms. At school we learn anything but the truth which we call sciences. We are indoctrinated. In this way we lose contact with our actual, divine core of being, if we ever had it at all. To make matters worse, today we are completely lulled and put into a deep sleep by television programs, social media and the omnipresent high frequencies.

“You described it well. It is indeed so. The result is that you live like eagles in a chicken coop. You collectively think you are chickens and you act like chickens because you no longer know you are eagles.

“And you are the eagles?” I asked, somewhat provocatively.

Mara remained unimpressed and replied, “Just like you. The difference is that we know and we live like eagles.”

She was right, no doubt. I myself had often used a similar example. I always spoke of lions among sheep. But now I wanted to know why I was here. So I kept at it and said, “That’s very interesting, Mara. We could talk about it for hours.

However, I still don’t understand what gave me the honor of being on your island. Carinda tells me no one from outside has ever been here before. So why me?” Mara seemed to hesitate and think. I didn’t let her out of my sight. Then her face lit up and she asked, “Oh, forgive me, Peris! I did not even offer you a seat. We don’t have to discuss all this standing up. Just sit down! And I haven’t offered you a drink either. How thoughtless of me! “Can I have a coffee or anything else?”

How obviously she was avoiding an answer! Slightly irritated, I replied: “Coffee would be nice. Please tell me why I have the feeling that an answer is difficult for you?”

She sat down on a sofa and gestured that I should sit next to her. A young man appeared out of nowhere and served me coffee. Mara had ordered tea for herself. Everything here works nonverbally. She waited until he disappeared again and started: “It’s true, Peris, it’s hard for me to answer at this time. “But I will try to answer your question at least partially.”

She paused to watch me drink my coffee. Only after I put my cup down and fixed it in a challenging manner did she continue: “Look, you certainly didn’t miss that you are not only extraordinarily intelligent, but also have a spiritual understanding that has made you stand out from the crowd at a young age. You have always felt that you are not separate from what you humans call God. You live without fear and are always striving to keep your small, individual self in check. In fact, you don’t even need to make an effort anymore, for you immediately notice when your ego tries to interfere. You give yourself to life without having your own plan, without having your own goals. Your only desire is to live in harmony with the cosmic order.

“Exciting that you mention the cosmic order. I talked about that with a good friend of mine a few days ago,” I replied fascinated.

“I know,” said Mara. “I presented it to you in a way you couldn’t have missed. Christina has very good intuition.”

“You did this?” I couldn’t believe my ears and how did she know her name? Christina, a good friend from Athens, had visited me in Kardamyli last weekend. We had exchanged a lot of ideas and insights. One of the main topics was the divine order. Was it all staged by Mara? So I asked her: “If that was you, I wonder what else you staged.”

“I will gladly explain this to you, because it is part of my answer to your question. I have to go pretty far to explain it. First of all, you must know that we are in constant contact with alien species. Decades ago one of these species asked us to keep an eye on you because you are one of the souls that belongs to them.

“What?” I couldn’t believe my ears. “This is really getting weird, Mara. You expect me to believe that?” A kind of mental paralysis made any further thought impossible.

“As crazy as it sounds to you, Peris, it’s the truth.”

I looked at her helplessly. In her eyes I could see clarity and compassion. I was like in that state of shock I experienced when I was brought the news of my parents’ accidental death. Mara waited. She seemed to know exactly what chaos of thoughts was going on inside me.

Where am I from? Then who am I really? Do I even know me? Who’s thinking right now? And what’s the point of it all? It didn’t make any sense.

Mara smiled and said softly, “I realize that this must come as a shock to you, but I know that you can handle it. Take your time. You will slowly but surely identify more and more with your true origin and with that your original knowledge will come back to you. Right now you don’t need it. The time is yet to come.”

Her words relaxed me. I had a thought, which I immediately threw at her: “When exactly were you asked?”

Mara replied, “About twenty years ago.”

I wanted to know more and asked, “But why did they even ask you?”

“We were told that at twenty-seven years of age you might be in danger of being lost to them because you would be taking over your parents’ company at that time. At such moments a person can become completely addicted to mammon, and experience shows that this usually means that he is no longer available for the higher levels of the divine order.

I answered thoughtfully: “I remember this time well. Especially my strong aversion to taking over Terrasana. I feared that I would mutate into a profit-oriented entrepreneur. I retreated to the mountains for a week, meditated and wrote a diary. It was only at the very end that I was sure how I would manage this company without betraying my principles. My motto since then has been: “For the best of the whole.”

“You see?” Mara asked with a smile and waited for me to get the money. “That was you?” I asked incredulously.

She just nodded and continued: “Yes, we were. Again, this was only possible because we had introduced you to philosophical content when you were young. That is why you had decided to study philosophy. Later we also had our hands in it when you broke up with your girlfriend. Can you not remember the applause that night? We were so proud of you.”

I remembered that night when I confessed to Andrea that I wanted to break up with her. It was dramatic and at the same time I was sure I was doing the right thing because I felt like all my spiritual helpers were applauding.

“That was not fair!” The separation from Andrea was hard for me back then. Trouble suddenly rose in me. I felt like a puppet, a plaything of strange forces in my own life. Anger turned to anger.

“Stop!” Mara ordered strictly. “Do not allow such feelings. Your ego feels betrayed. Your little self feels offended, and disempowered. Remind your ego to serve you, not play the diva.”

That was helpful. I made the decision to calm down.

She continued: “Do you think that all this has happened without your consent? You thought wrong. According to our clients, before your great journey, you committed yourself to fulfill your task at all costs, come what may. You authorized them, to make corrections, should your mission be compromised.”

“Interesting,” I noticed and asked, “and why don’t I know about this and this mission?” Again, something new. A mission! My ego was preparing to jump again when Mara replied, “Because it was about you remaining unrecognized on this earth until a certain point in time. For this it was necessary that not even you yourself were allowed to know who you were.

My ego relaxed again and I said: “Well, Mara, this is pretty strong stuff and raises countless questions. The most important one is certainly: What is my mission? Just as much as I’d still like to know why you brought me here.”

“All in good time,” Mara replied. “In one hour we will have lunch together. Then I will introduce you to some more men and women from Libidos. But now the time of love has come. Let’s go to my bedroom!”

She got up. I sat there ostentatiously. Did I hear right? Time of love? Bedroom? “Wait a minute! What do you mean?”

Mara, who was already on her way to one of the more distant walls, turned around and smiled mischievously.

“You have your church service. We have something else. That which you call God is really cosmic love for us. That is why we honour our God in a daily ritual of love.”

It gets better and better! But not with me! “Yes, but, I hardly know you and who tells you that I want sex now? Don’t I also have a say in that?”

The mischievousness in her smile has assumed a strangely seductive charm. Her words were determinant and authoritative: “No, you don’t! Libidos is a matriarchy. Do you know what that means?”

“Explain it to me”, I defiantly replied.

“Here on Libidos, we appoint women. You will learn to obey every woman. Do you hear? Every woman! And that as long as you’re on our island, my dear!”

“For me, Libidos is the island that drives me from one shock to the next,” I replied and stood up, “and this one is probably the most violent. I want to go back immediately. Find someone else for your ritual,” I turned away and looked for the exit.

“Peris!” she shouted with a sharp voice. I paused, but did not turn to her.

“Listen to me!” Her voice was softer now. “I realize that your world view has collapsed several times today. This must be very hard for you. Your confusion is certainly great. But do not act impulsively and face up to what life has to offer in terms of gifts. How can you turn away from something you don’t know? I wish you to turn around and come to me.”

I decided to grant her request. She was right. After all, it was my philosophy of life to be grateful for everything that is and not to give life a no. What could I possibly lose? Now I faced her again. If up to that moment I had perceived her as a conversation partner without a female accent, I now had a completely different perception of her. Unbelievable! I could not take my eyes off her.

Her skin seemed to glow in a soft golden hue. Where did it suddenly come from? Why didn’t I notice anything like that before? Her female forms, which I had not even noticed before, had a strong attraction, as if they were flattering me, whispering a promising invitation into my eyes and ears at the same time. It was pure magic at its most beautiful. Without me thinking about it any longer, I followed her without resistance as she took my hand and pulled me through the wall that had opened up in the meantime.

In front of us there was a big lying landscape with white blankets and pillows. At the sides they were decorated with fragrant lily arrangements and on the opposite side I recognized a life-size nude of white marble.

The light was subdued and took on a blue tinge in the back of the room, while the bed itself had a slight accent in red.

Mara, the queen of Libidos, was now standing in front of me again and undressed with elegant movements, fluently and completely naturally.

And her charisma! Divine is probably the most appropriate term in this moment, which made me forget all sense of time.

“Mara”, I stammered insecurely.

Completely naked, she came one step closer and began to undress me very slowly. She spoke with gentle words:

“Here on Libidos, the worship of love is the highest ritual of our people. The most important thing you need to know is that it is not about your physical drives. Although sexuality is the force that will magnetically bring us into union, we do not focus on it. Think of it as your ego, which you don’t let become a diva, but make you a servant. It is the same with your sexuality, which allows you to unite but does not become the dominant drive.

I stood naked and erect before her. She pulled me affectionately onto the oversized bed and completed with her enchanting voice: “You see, your erection is a very natural reaction to my charisma. It’s not really my perfect breasts, my slender legs or any other external shape, but it’s the frequency of my inner being that I have now completely and uncompromisingly tuned to devotion to love. It stimulates the same frequency in you and because you have already learned in your life to surrender unconditionally, you can answer me. Do not think, do not worry, surrender to my energy and just let yourself fall” and I fell…


I opened my eyes. Where was I? It was so quiet. I lay naked on the bed and remembered that Mara got up at some point after giving me one last kiss that I still felt on my lips. I must have fallen asleep.

What an experience! Everything I thought I knew about sexuality had led Mara ad absurdum. In that hour I had come closer to the perception of my own divinity than ever before. No, stop! That is by no means all. There was more. But what? I guess I had to sort through it first. Inside.

Not enough that I was just gathering up my socks, I was also looking for orientation inside myself. I didn’t really succeed. What remained was the certainty that I never wanted to experience sexuality again in the way I was used to it from before.

I got dressed, sat on the edge of the bed and tried to find words for what happened without words. Inner images emerged. Images for which I had no description. No thoughts, not words, just pictures. Honey is the only word that comes to my mind when I think back to the erotic tension that was clearly created by Mara’s dominating charisma. The sweet reward of complete devotion to the feminine made me absolutely will-less, while every cell in me greedily saturated with her love. It was cosmic. Did we still exist as individuals? Were we not rather dissolved in cosmic honey? Yes, that fit best, even if it may sound kitschy overall, but this metaphor does the experience justice.

I got up and went to the spot on the wall where we entered the room. Nothing happened. I walked even closer to the wall. No reaction.

I sat back down on the bed. I knew I’d be taken care of. And I did. As soon as I sat down, the door opened as if by magic and Carinda entered.

“I’m sorry, Peris, that you had to stand outside a locked door We haven’t explained to you yet how our doors work. It’s very simple. You walk towards the door and be absolutely sure that it is already open when the moment comes.”

I replied, “I thought I did the same thing. After all, I watched the doors open for you.”

Carinda explained: “Yes, you can draw the wrong conclusions from that. There are two things you need to know: One, it needs to be in harmony with the door. You will only be able to have that if it is yours, that is, if it is in your own house, or if you feel authorized, that is, invited, to go through a particular door. That is why no unauthorized person can enter our rooms. The second thing I can best explain to you like this: Imagine you want to have a cup of coffee. You take the cup and put it to your mouth. And now I ask you: Have you thought about whether your arm and hand can make the right movements? Of course not. They follow your clear, unadulterated intention. It’s the same with our doors. Let’s practice! Do you want to try?”

“Sure, that’ll work now!” Her explanation made perfect sense to me. I’d like to have doors like that in my home as well.

I ran to the door and it opened. “Why didn’t it work the first time?” I asked. “After all, I expected it to open. What was different now?”

“The first time, there was still doubt in you because you were not familiar with such doors and you could not be sure how they worked exactly. That tiny uncertainty caused minimal frequency anomalies and the door was closed for you.

“That makes sense,” I confirmed, “I actually had a slight uncertainty.”

While we talked, we walked through the room I already knew to the opposite side and a room shining with sunlight opened up, the outside and the ceiling being completely made of glass. I was enchanted by the view. Deep below us lay the open sea. I could make out ships in the distance and a small island in front of which a wooded mountain rose.

“Welcome to the elders of Libidos, Peris!” Mara’s voice interrupted my amazement. Only now did I notice her, standing in front of a large round table around which, roughly, about ten people were sitting. She came towards me.

“The Council of Elders is already well informed about your visit and your background,” Mara continued as she led me to one of the chairs. “You will soon find that various people present are already somehow familiar to you. Let me surprise you!”

She sat down at the table with a friendly smile. Carinda also took a seat.

Slightly insecure I said: “Good day! I’m a little confused, but I’m happy to be here.” Good nodding.

I sat down and looked around interested. Council of Elders, my ass! Attractive, young women and agile, young men sat side by side with older people.

Mara read my mind again, because she said: “You may be surprised to find young people on the Council of Elders. You must know that we are all much older here than you can imagine. Look at Antonia, for example, who you noticed right at the beginning” Her name was Antonia? Really? What’s going on here and how did she notice that she actually caught my eye right away?

“Yes, Antonia. She doesn’t look exactly like your Antonia, but she looks very similar, doesn’t she?” I nodded. “How old do you think she is?”

She looked in her mid-thirties. “Thirty-five?” I asked.

“Not quite. She was born almost two hundred years ago,” she replied with a smile.

“And I’m supposed to believe that? You’re pulling my leg!”

“No, Peris! Remember: We are eagles, not chickens. Eagles decide for themselves how they age and leave this physical plane when they themselves think the time is right. The elderly people at this table are sometimes five hundred years old and make sure that we are always in tune with the divine vibrational frequency. They are the guardians of truth, so to speak.”

“I thought such a thing existed only in ancient myths and creation stories,” I remarked with astonishment.

“All your myths are actually realistic,” she replied, “Here on Libidos you will see that they are true, because we live in the spirit of the ancient myths, because we have preserved our knowledge and skills.

To my right I heard someone say, “Peris, do you know why you are here?” I looked around to him and saw the friendly face of an elderly gentleman with full, white hair. I estimated him to be sixty.

“Not really,” I replied, “I only know that I was invited by your Queen. Since my arrival I have been through so many surprises and information that I have not yet had a chance to think about it,” I continued: “However, I have already asked Mara, but she still owes me the answer.”

“Well, you can call me Nicholas. I’ve been with you since you were 27 years old. You know me from your inner dialogues with me.”

In fact, after the death of my parents, I had visited a medium to whom a being named Nicholas introduced himself as my spiritual guide. Since then, I had been in constant inner dialogue with him in difficult life situations and his answers were invariably comforting and encouraging. This worked in such a way that I simply typed my questions to him into my diary and then entered the words that came to my mind. Without exception, they turned out to be a reliable help in life. In the last few years, everything went well in my life and I felt no need to question Nicholas.

“You are my beloved Nicholas? I haven’t spoken to you for a long time. I’m sorry.” I replied.

“Why should you be sorry? I’m not here to be entertained by you. Everything’s fine. On the contrary, I have observed with great joy how your life has developed towards the divine order. Your way of life and the way you have continued Terrasana is a prime example of human development for all of us here. That is why Mara was with you at the environmental congress. She wanted to meet you personally and see for herself that you live in accordance with the truth.”

I hesitated a little and then said: “Actually I should be happy now, but I feel no joy, but sadness.”

“Why do you think you feel them?” asked Nicholas with feeling.

I felt inside myself and tried to analyze where my sadness came from. But my head wouldn’t work. Then I heard myself say, “Because so many other people can’t make it work, and they suffer instead.”

Nicholas then said, “You see, this is where you show your true self. For your true self knows that we are all one and therefore you feel a boundless empathy for the countless souls that are still trapped in illusion and feel suffering instead of joy.

“How could we help them?” I asked spontaneously and without thinking. After all, I knew that each person has to decide for himself how he wants to live and that we don’t have to interfere.

“You have been helping for a long time, Peris,” Nicholas replied, “Your being leaves traces in the consciousness of all those you meet in your life. Just recently, you have given impulses to many of your clients and other acquaintances and friends through your vibration, which have led them into a process of change that is still ongoing. Do not underestimate your effect on others.”

Images of various encounters appeared before my mind’s eye. I remembered many visits to customers, which led to intimate conversations and resulted in a joyful feeling of all-embracing love. It was almost always the case that the greeting was initially distanced and the farewell was crowned with joie de vivre and wet eyes.

“Yes, exactly! You remember,” remarked Nicholas, who must have been following my thoughts, “Those were the moments that were meant to tell you that you were bringing light to the people. Light into their field of consciousness, which then expands and shows them ways to realize their true potential and apply it to their lives.

“Well, are they doing it?” I asked.

“No, not usually. Nevertheless! It’s as if her bowl had a small crack in it. It usually takes more impulses at different times from different people. The repetition causes the crack to get bigger and bigger.”

“So carry on,” I grinned.

“Exactly!” confirmed Nicholas, “You’ve understood that too. I’m glad of that, Peris.”

Then I heard Mara say: “I think we should let Peris eat in peace now. We don’t want to overload his mind. Maybe it’s better if we give him time now to process all the impressions.”

Although I got the impression that Mara was once again trying hard not to let me know the reason for this invitation, I was grateful for these words and showed her with a shy smile. Was this the same woman with whom I was bathing in honey just a few minutes ago? Now she did not seem to me to be erotic at all. Rather, she had the charisma of an unobtrusive, but self-evident authority.

If until just a moment ago there was a concentrated attention at the table, because everyone was listening to our conversation, now relaxed murmuring spread and I looked for the first time at the bowl that someone had handed me shortly before. It was filled with steaming porridge.

I liked it because I was hungry. How long had I not eaten? I had lost all sense of time. I looked out the oversized window and saw that the sun was already quite low. Could that be?

Mara spoke to me: “When you are finished, Carinda will take you back to Kardamyli. It is already later than you think. Do not be surprised. You have slept four long hours after our time of love. You needed that sleep so that you are now strengthened for the way back. Knowing Carinda, you will need your strength.”

I saw Mara and Carinda looking at each other with a smile, and I could only understand.

As a farewell I was hugged warmly by Nicholas and Mara. Mara held me a little longer in her embrace and whispered in my ear, “I like your cock ring.” The blush of shame rose to the roots of my hair. I was so excited during our act that I had completely forgotten about it. She looked at me encouragingly and said, “I think it’s beautiful when men adorn themselves in this way. Until next time, my friend!”

Carinda took my hand and together we left the palace.

Silently we walked down the path to the harbour, past the small, pyramid-shaped houses overgrown with flowers. “Aren’t they pretty?” Carinda asked me. “Yes, they are,” I replied. “"Do you want to know what they look like inside? I would be happy to show you a friend’s house. She’s still on the road and I’m sure she won’t mind if we go inside.”

How could I have said no? I was far too curious.

So it happened that Carinda let me into one of the houses a little off the beaten track. I was quite astonished. It seemed much bigger from the inside. It apparently consisted of a single room into which colored filtered sunlight flowed. Obviously, people cooked, bathed, worked and slept in this room, as all areas of the room had the respective furniture and in the middle there was a nicely decorated round bed.

“This is what most houses on Libidos look like. It is possible that the concept dates back to prehistoric times, when people lived in round tents,” explained Carinda, “This method of construction has proved to be extremely practical for us. We would never think of putting up walls and creating small rooms.

Although I listened to her, I walked here and there, fascinated, marvelling at the modern kitchen area, the fashionable sofa corner that would have upgraded any furniture store, and finally stopped in front of an area that seemed to me like the studio of a painter.

“Is your girlfriend a painter?” I asked when I saw an unfinished erotic oil painting.

“Yes, Peris. That’s her. Can you recognize me in her picture?” I turned to her. There she stood. Completely naked. “Carinda!”, I gasped. “What are you doing?”

“Shh! Don’t talk! Now just be here and look at me, touch me and give in to your lust.”

She was ravishing to behold. This morning I was thinking how privileged the man must be to see her unclothed. And now she stood naked before me. with firm, round breasts that held my gaze captive. What happened next, I’ll just mention here. Like Mara, Carinda also radiated an irresistible grace and yet everything was different, for I felt an animal desire. I could not get rid of my clothes quickly enough and before I knew it I was in her demanding arms. No honey this time, but animal sex, completely liberating.

An hour later we released ourselves from our embrace and got dressed. She looked at me with pleasure. “That was wonderful, Peris! Thank you!”

“Thank you too, Carinda. After all, you seduced me,” I said admiringly. “But I don’t understand all this. Mara said that you do not let lust dominate you. But just now we were like animals.”

“What Mara said refers only to the time of love. That is always at noon. You might call it a service. But after all, we are normal people with animal instincts, just like other living beings. Do you think we wouldn’t want to live it up?”

“Yes, yes! Now that you’ve explained it, it makes sense to me. And what about contraception? And anyway! Don’t you have a boyfriend?”

Carinda laughed. “A boyfriend? I have at least 600 of them! We don’t get married here on Libidos. We all love each other and when we feel like it, the next one is just the best. It’s that simple. Oh yes, and we don’t think about contraception because it’s not necessary.”

I was fairly amazed. Why can’t I live on libidos? It’s like a fairy tale! “Why is contraception not necessary?”

“Because we women can consciously decide if and when we want to get pregnant. This is also a natural ability of the woman, which has been lost in your society. Shall we go?”

“I’d rather not. I could lie here talking to you forever.” Mara was already standing and putting on her summer dress. “Aren’t you wearing any underwear?”

“No! Do you mind?”

As if she wanted to take the chance, she bent over to tie her shoes. “Your dress is too long.” She pulled it up instantly and turned her head towards me.

“Is that right?”

I stood up and patted her naked bottom lovingly. “We absolutely must do this again, Carinda!” She hugged me and breathed, “Gladly.”

Then I also got into my jeans and put on my shirt.

We left the house and after a few meters we reached the harbor where the small boat was already waiting for us.

As it started to move, I asked, “I just noticed that we are alone on the boat. Just as we were alone on the outward journey. Are you driving the boat all alone?”

“Sure! Mind power, my dear.”

“Could I do that?”

“If you practice, you can do it.” “Let me try.”

Instantly the boat slowed down and sank deeper. Now it rocked directionless on the waves.

I gave the inner impulse for it to get going. Nothing. I imagined that free energy would build up and activate the engines. Nothing happened. Carinda smiled.

“Never mind,” she comforted me, “it takes practice. Shall we go on?”

I nodded in frustration. Already the boat started moving again. In the distance, land was already in sight.

“I cannot understand why your island is so close to Kardamyli. It must be noticed somehow.”

“No, you’re wrong,” Carinda explained to me. “Our island is actually in the middle of the Mediterranean. From us it is as far to Sicily as it is to Greece or Africa. With this boat, we only need ten minutes because we can cheat time. Surely you know that time is an illusion.

“I keep hearing this, but I’ve never experienced it.”

“Yes, Peris! How can you say that you haven’t experienced it yet? Today we have bent the clock twice.”

“I meant before I knew Libidos.”

Arriving in Kardamyli, we hugged each other goodbye. She reached resolutely into my pants and grabbed my cock ring. In a warm voice she said: “Your cock ring is not only beautiful. It made me pretty hot earlier on.

I’m looking forward to your next visit” I watched completely distraught as she got back into the boat and whirled away. What a woman!


Dreamy and deep in thought I made my way to my car. Now I slowly realized why this island is called Libidos. Everything here revolved around only one theme: sexuality. I decided to visit my favourite bistro, Aquarella, and enjoy the evening atmosphere. With a glass of red wine in the front row, it was easy to let the waves rolling in tirelessly put you in a state of deep meditation. I stared into the waves and saw myself in bed with Mara and then it was Carinda, only to switch back to Mara again. I felt as if both images were struggling for dominance. Neither of them succeeded, because as intense as the animal version was, the spiritual version remained unforgettable in my memory. That irritated me. I could tell from my own experience that each of the two experiences was a great pleasure. While in the second case the physical level became an end in itself and ended for both of us with a common mega-orgasm, in the first case it was only the playing field for the spiritual level. Here the mental orgasm was a great pleasure for our hearts and souls, because they were allowed to be one.

I had never experienced the soul variant in such intensity. I had no idea about this special gift from a woman who was a complete stranger to me hours before.

Now, if you think while reading this that I would prefer the mental to the animal version….

How? You haven’t thought about it? I find it hard to believe you. Well, I had thought about it, and it took a second glass of red wine to make it clear.

This was my judgement: For me both are completely equal. I recognized this in the moment when the YinYang symbol came into my head. I’m sure you know it. Then you also know that in the black area, Yin, there is also Yang as a white point. And the same goes for the other half of the symbol. In the white yang, the black yin is contained as a dot.

With regard to the two sexual versions, I imagine that the black area corresponds to the body and the white point to the mind, while in the spiritual version it is the other way round: the large white area corresponds to the mind, while the black centre symbolises the body.

And now comes the most important thing: The whole, the circle, is always love for my understanding. Therefore, both versions are equal. I even conclude that one should practice both versions in a balanced way in order to live in a good balance. On libidos one seems to have recognized this.

Another insight resulted from my considerations: Where Yin is lived without a trace of Yang, there is no love. Without love, the animal version receives destructive elements. It makes you unhappy and empty. And the spiritual version without love, does it exist? Yes, of course! These are the magic rituals and ceremonies of the most different sects and lodges.

What an insight! I paused. In spite of the two glasses of wine, it occurred to me that I had again received help from Nicholas or other good spirits of Libidos. Lost in thought, I drove home.

What a day! Nobody believes me. Of course nobody believes me, because nowhere in our world is there any reference to libidos. They’d lock me up. So I decided to keep this experience to myself. Why should I tell it? To make myself interesting? That phase of my life was behind me. I no longer cared one bit what other people thought of me.

Arriving home, I poured myself a third glass of red wine and thought about Libidos. If I hadn’t dreamt all this, then my experience was sensational.

Of course I wasn’t dreaming. Carinda had finally come into my life physically and the trip across the sea was not a fantasy either. The island, on the other hand, seemed unrealistic and rather magical to me. Who knows where Carinda had taken me.

Then I remembered what Mara knew about me. Had they really intervened in my life? Was it even possible? I used my common sense and tried to find an explanation for the fact that at the age of 27 I made the decision to take over the management of Terrasana according to my ethical principles and for the good of the whole.

Could it really be that this decision was brought to my attention?

Of course, I knew that the technique of thought manipulation is used militarily. I have no idea how something like that works, but it must have something to do with scalar waves. That much was clear. Well, and on Libidos, in the course of many thousands of years, people had certainly developed completely different abilities that went far beyond what we were familiar with. I decided that something like this might be possible.

This meant that at the same time I had to accept that all the other thoughts and decisions I considered my own might have been influenced by libidos. I also thought it was possible that Libidos brought certain people and objects into my life to give the necessary impulses.

For example Antonia, who immediately caught my attention in the council of elders. My Antonia was a fellow student and yoga teacher who had introduced me to the spiritual world. It was thanks to her that I became interested in spiritual books and met Carlos Castaneda. His book, “Another Reality”, I found at the top of a rummage table. It caught my eye immediately. After volume one, I read all of Castaneda’s books. They were like an initiation for me.

Many events in my life I now saw with completely different eyes. I remembered my first girlfriend, Sofia, with whom I was madly in love. I was seventeen and she was a year older. It never happened that we slept together. Except for kissing and petting, she wouldn’t let me do anything else. She always said, “Peris, this is reserved for the man who will marry me one day.” “How can you be so sure?” I asked her, disappointed, and she replied, “My inner voice tells me so clearly.”

I began to get angry with Sofia because there was nothing Sofia did or said without first listening to her inner voice. “Can you make your own decisions?” I asked her once, irritated. Her answer came calmly and compassionately: “Peris, these are my own decisions. My inner voice is the voice of my soul. If I do not follow it, I will lose myself and my centre.”

I was already impressed by your answer. I asked Sofia if I too could have such an inner voice. She assured me that I already had it, but that I had never learned to perceive it. I wanted to change that. She fulfilled my wish and taught me. For this I am still grateful to her today, for without this ability I would never have been able to make my peace with the changed life plan during that one week in the mountains.

I also felt confirmed in my feeling afterwards that Terrasana has its own developmental dynamics, almost something like an own intention, which my parents here on earth had brought into the physical world with the best of their knowledge and conscience. I, too, had always felt myself to be only an executive “governor”. Did I recognize here the intention of Libidos? I decided to ask Carinda when I saw her next time.

Wait a minute! Then I remembered we hadn’t discussed anything. How could I see her again if I didn’t know how to get there?

I realized that I had taken the bait and that my little self wanted to assert itself now. I wanted to go back and was looking forward to the time of love. Even if I was very negative at first, I now had to admit that I already liked a lot about matriarchy. I wanted more of it. But how would I ever get there again?

I reflected and brought myself back into trust and devotion to life. If there was to be another meeting, it would happen somehow.

And as a confirmation I remembered Carinda’s words at the farewell: “I am looking forward to your next visit.” There you go. No need to panic.

So I’m supposed to be different than people. What did Mara say? Alien? How could it be that I lived on this earth as an ordinary person and yet belonged to a completely alien species? What sense did it make for me to live here on earth as a human being? I still cannot see it. And who were the other people at the table? Did they also have a meaning in my life? Mara had hinted at something like that.

Question after question. I should make a list.

I poured myself another drink and felt my tension slowly subside.

Suddenly I had the feeling I was being watched. How long had this been going on? In fact, I have always lived in the awareness that a whole crowd of loving, spiritual helpers surrounded me and helped me to master my life and remain in my trust. I am convinced that without them I would never have arrived where I am today. But were they in reality possibly from Libidos? That would raise some questions. For example: All the so-called spiritual leaders who, according to their own statements, come from other galaxies, or from some spiritual level of the divine order. Are they perhaps in reality the more highly developed people on libidos who had made it their heart’s desire to bring the lost and misguided people of the Earth back on course?

Well, that was perhaps too far-fetched and was probably only due to my fourth glass of wine. But it was well worth thinking about. Don’t you think?

A heretical thought was formed: What if every kind of intuition is a subtle kind of help from real beings, which we merely gloss over with religious content because they do not reveal themselves to us, for whatever reason? Some people hear voices, some have visions or a clear, suddenly appearing knowledge. Where do these impulses come from and who distributes them? These are legitimate questions. Aren’t we too quickly ready to explain to ourselves with religious content what we cannot understand?

But can it be that the few inhabitants of this small island, Libidos, have so much influence on all our lives?

“What makes you think there are only libidos?” a question popped into my head. Aha, I thought. That was certainly a question that was transmitted directly from libidos. I listened intently and said in silence: “I thought so at first, but now that you ask, I realize that it was a little too simple-minded. Are there other races like yours anywhere else?”

“Have you ever heard of Shangri-la and Atlantis?”

“Shangri-La is the mysterious land in the mountains of the Himalayas that only people who have reached a certain state of consciousness and risk their lives to find it can find. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, that’s where our brothers and sisters who work just like us live.”

“Very interesting and understandable to me. But Atlantis? Surely you’re mistaken, for that continent was lost many thousands of years ago.”

“Yes, in the snow. Today it lies buried deep beneath eternal ice and snow, but it still exists.” “Like now? Where is he supposed to be?”

“Well, think, where can you find a great continent covered with snow and perpetual ice?” “You don’t mean Antarctica?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. With the last Pole Jump it has got them. There is a very large population there, who have built whole cities in huge ice caves. Far under the surface. “Undetectable by ordinary people with their poor technology.”

“But that explains a lot,” I replied, “There are countless rumours and inexplicable phenomena about Antarctica. Is it true that the Nazis withdrew there?”

“This is only partly true, or indirectly. You have a completely wrong idea about the background of the Second World War. We can discuss that in more detail later.”

That figures. I had always suspected that the small and inconspicuous painter, Adolf Hitler, was not the driving force behind the dynamics that had triggered the Second World War. He was, in my opinion, merely a puppet of powerful forces.

“Are there any more of you?” “Sure there are! What do you think?” “Yes, and where exactly?”

“Surely you have heard of the Cavern Earth?” “I don’t believe it now! It really exists?”

I had heard about her, of course, from Amundsen and Admiral Byrd. Somehow it all made sense to me, but I found the thesis a little steep and forgot it with time. “Yes, it exists, and it is intoxicatingly beautiful. There are other species living here that are completely unknown to you. There our brothers and sisters are part of a great, peaceful alliance. &”Who are you?”, I asked the voice from offstage.

“My name is Stratus. You will get to know me personally. Now, I suggest you get busy with something else. I think that’s enough information for now. Good night. Good night, Stratus. And thank you!”

After four glasses of wine I was no longer usable for anything. I went into the bathroom and got undressed.

Oh, yes, there it was, my cock ring. It looked really good. I was wearing the gold version of the three rings I had sent from America a few weeks ago. Ten years ago, when I was at a Tantra seminar with Andrea, I saw something like that on our naked seminar leader for the first time. I am really free of any homosexual ambitions, but I was fascinated by his jewellery. “One day”, I thought at that time, “I’ll wear something like that, too.” Well, it took a little longer.