Welcome to Libidos

Welcome to Libidos

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Libidos is a novel that I wrote during my time in Greece. Inspired by the beauty of my surroundings and the inner peace I constantly feel here, I suddenly had scenes in my head, little stories, and images that I couldn’t let go of. I began to write, following an inner urge, without knowing what would become of it. With every chapter my astonishment grew. Fascination seized me and before I could really recognize it, I was seized by a world that pulled me completely into itself.

Here you will find an excerpt from the introduction of my book. All texts I publish on this website in extracts are reproduced with blue text color.

Text excerpt from Libidos

Somewhere in the Ionian Sea there is an island called Libidos. No one has ever found it on Google Maps or in an atlas. It is not mapped. Its inhabitants have managed to remain undiscovered until today.

Do you think that’s impossible? What makes you so sure? Do you think it’s impossible that there are people on this planet we know nothing about? And what if they had abilities and technology far superior to ours? You’re saying it’s not possible without our knowing about it?

Don’t you also know the vague feeling that hidden talents and powers slumber within you? What if I assured you that your feelings were correct? Thousands of years ago, we used these abilities without thinking about it. They were as natural to us as sleep. Today, on the other hand, we don’t even know that they exist and that they’re available at any time.

The inhabitants of Libidos have apparently not forgotten those abilities. They collectively decided long ago that their little island should remain invisible. With their powers they created a holographic image of the sea and placed it around and over the island at a suitable distance. This made them invisible to passing ships and planes as well as satellites. Creating a holographic image of the sea was one of the easiest exercises for the Libids, as they were surrounded by the sea as far as you could see.

You don’t believe me? I suppose you’re wondering why I know this island and can make such a claim? How could I have discovered it if it is invisible to outsiders? It’s simple. I was invited by the Queen herself.

I’m aware that you don’t want to believe me either. Admittedly, what I have to tell you, I never thought it was possible myself. I assure you that I am writing the truth, and nothing but the truth. If I had the choice of reliving it or not, I would not hesitate for a second. I would let myself be hit by a tsunami once again, which would sweep away every orientation in my life and put my mind to the ultimate test. It all started quite harmlessly, like in the car of a roller coaster, which climbs up slowly at first while you enjoy the view, only to plunge down breathtakingly fast, take the next curve in a flash and immediately afterwards create the next surprise. But before we climb into the car, I would like to introduce myself briefly.


The Book

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Libidos has not yet been published. However, preparations are in full swing. If you want to read my novel, you can buy it soon on one of the platforms that distribute e-books. I will list the links here as soon as they are available. If you want to be informed when it is available, please sign up for my newsletter or send me an email.

You, who found my website, I call you by your first name, because on Libidos all people are on first name terms.

Libidos is my second work after “Funkstille”. A sequel is planned and should be online in spring next year at the latest.

On Libidos, Peris has received a broader view on many areas of coexistence. Many things are different there and the peace that can be experienced all over the island has shown him that its inhabitants do it better than we do. In one of his many talks Mara, the Queen of Libidos recommended that Peris “shall give Libidos away” as a common good. This does not mean the e-book, but the world of Libidos. The original book is copy protected and must not be changed.

There are of course reasons for this.

The first reason is that I have decided to withdraw from the management of my company within the next year. At seventy, that is certainly a good decision. I would consider it an unnecessary burden on the company if it had to pay me a pension after I leave the company until I leave my body. Since I am good at writing, I have decided to use it to obtain the necessary funds for my future life. That is why it is important for me that I am also adequately remunerated for Libidos.

The second reason is that there must be an original work that remains unchanged and, like a strong tree, represents the underlying assets of Libidos. I would like to see sprouts of various forms forming around this first book. New stories, short stories, individual fates, romances, dramas, political and diplomatic missions, maps of Libidos, pictures of the inhabitants and so much more.

Copies of Libidos – even in extracts – may therefore only be made with my express permission.

Join in

Are you also fascinated by the island? Given that you already finished the book, of course!

Admit it, in mind, you have already created clear images. Maybe of the people, of Triklia, the harbor town, of their houses, or the different rooms? Are you perhaps talented in painting or writing?

Let your imagination run wild!

Let Libidos within you become more alive and perhaps even more concrete! Here you can publish your stories, your pictures, photos, photomontages, paintings, drawings and designs of any kind and thus enrich many readers with your ideas about the island.

Simply register for free here and you can start right away.

Do we have rules?

Not really, except that everything you want to contribute must be related to Libidos. You are allowed to use all the names and descriptions from the original, but you must keep them in context. In other words, the original story must not be changed. If, for example, you wanted to write an alternative to the original text, it would be in the form of a vision that could be introduced in this way:

“The world of Libidos won’t let me go. Last night, I even dreamed that it wasn’t Peris who got the invitation, but me, because…”

Or: “The other day I had a fantasy that wouldn’t let me go. Peris has asked me to accompany him on his mission because only I have the ability…”

The population of Libidos must also be considered. If you want to change such cornerstones, then that too can only be done through a corresponding introduction, such as: “Whenever I think of Libidos, I have completely different ideas in my head. One of them is Triklia. This city is as big and alive in my imagination as Athens…”

I think you understand what I’m saying.